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The CVR is about the restoration and preservation of the antique automobile, and its heritage, for our own enjoyment and for the preservation of American History. Through monthly meets and outings we get together to enjoy, discuss and show-off our great autos!  




The Connecticut Valley Region (CVR) started in 1948 with most of its members just fresh from the formation of the Veteran Motor Car Club of America (VMCCA) in Brookline, Massachusetts, On September 29, 1949, the AACA granted the Connecticut Valley Region a Certificate of Charter signed by the then president James Melton. We are proud to note thatwe have continued our club affiliation with both national organizations for over half a century. Our first president of the region was John Lyman and the secretary was Everett Dickison. The first organizational meeting of all officers and members was on April, 17, 1950 at the Highland Hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts. By June of 1950, the CVR had held its first car meet at Old Deerfield Village on the grounds of Deerfield Academy. Some of our first members were the “Who's Who” of the antique automobile hobby: among them were Merle Duryea, Henry Wing, Stuart Goddard, Curtis Blake, Albert DuCharme, Louis Biondi, Walter Midura and Ed Lake.


Our Connecticut Valley Region history is part of the history of the antique automobile hobby in the New England states and the United States. By the 1960's, our membership had swelled to over 300 with two Chapters – one in the north and one in the south with the center in Springfield, MA. Our boundaries stretch from the New York border to our west to the Worcester County line to our east. Northward, we cover Vermont (and at one time New Hampshire) and to the south we include most of Connecticut . Our regional name is deceiving to many people not from New England and gives the impression we are a Connecticut only club. In fact, our name comes from the Connecticut River Valley that stretches from Long Iland Sound northward to the Canadian border. We cover quite a swath of New England with 70% of our members living in Western Massachusetts and the rest scattered around within our Boundaries.


Our club has hosted Glidden Tours, national meets and many regional meets. We are very proud of our members and the history of the Connecticut Valley Region of the AACA and the VMCCA.


               Keith Korbut, CVR Historian


The Antique Automobile Club of America, founded in 1935, is the world's largest automotive historical society with over 60,000 members and 400 regional clubs worldwide. The AACA is dedicated to perpetuating the memories of early automobiles by encouraging their history, collection and use.


The purpose of the Veteran Motor Car Club of America is to encourage the acquisition, preservation, and restoration of antique and historically significant automobiles. The VMCCA is dedicated to promoting good fellowship and cooperation between its membership; to disseminating accurate historical and technical information; and to sponsoring tours, events, and exhibitions of antique and historically significant automobiles.



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